Nonprofit Website Do-Over

When Love Brooklyn Libraries, Inc. had to slash their budget, I helped them get rid of a ridiculous service that charged $200 a month for this:

Old website image

Yes, it’s WordPress. For $200 a month, the nonprofit had this site hosted on the service provider’s servers. Included in the cost was a Facebook page and a limited number of updates. Granted, it’s really not very expensive compared to hiring a WordPress developer to build it and continue updating it. But with this subscription service, both the website and the Facebook page were filled with stock photos, and the site was rarely updated. Not very enticing.

For the price of a tax-deduction, I had the domain pointed to my Dreamhost server and built this, also in WordPress:

Nonprofit to save the Brooklyn Heights Library

The Howard Johnson’s color scheme had to go. Well, it had red not orange, but it was still ugly.