Database GUI (graphical user interface) Wireframe

There are innumerable ways to make wireframes from images to applications. Some wireframe builders will even add scripts to make them appear to function; anything short of a prototype. I made one in Photoshop for a company that wanted an easy way to keep track of their documents. It was for their own built-from-scratch content management system.

The layers in Photoshop make it easy to “page through” the scenes as if an animation. These days you can export them to create an animation. Once I built a wireframe for a plugin proposal with InDesign CC 2014 that was interactive within a DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) app. For the presentation, I ended up using InDesign’s Preview function since I had technical troubles getting the presentation screen to mirror my iPad.

Below are images of the CMS wireframe, a database interface. The final product looked nothing like it, sadly, except for the color of the buttons. Had I been the developer, I would have used the Photoshop files to create the buttons and other objects.